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TP Machines Ltd. Services

Machine dismantling and loading

TP Machines Ltd. Services - TP Machines - new and used machinetools

Our team is trained to dismantle huge range of machines. From hi-tech sensitive machines, to heavy duty, robust 100+ tons machines. Our highly trained staff will maintain the highest standards of safety during dismantling.
We can dismantle machine without damage, with proper labeling, so it can be correctly re-assembled.

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Commissioning services

TP Machines Ltd. Services - TP Machines - new and used machinetools

For all machines from our offer, we can offer you commissioning service. Not only we connect and put under power all machines in our workshop - where you can come and see/test them, but even further, our team can assemble machine and make a test run, in your company! 
In many cases you can start producing on machine within 7 days of closed deal!

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Our services

Conventional and CNC 2nd hand (preowned) metalworking machines, production of metal parts, manufacturing of Adal bandsaw machines.

Representative of following brands: Amada Machinetools, MVD Inan sheet metal machines, Steeltailor plasma cutting machines, YCM machinetools, Style cnc lathes and milling machines, Vertex cnc replacement parts.


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