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Dear business partners, friends and visitors of our website; not even 3 years after entering the process industry and co-founding the sister company Sinitech Industries d.o.o., which in a relatively short time became a regional leader in the production of equipment for the process industry, we are starting to develop a new interesting story that you will know from now on under the name MAPA. So, what is a MAPA?

TP Strojevi d.o.o. and our sister company Sinitech Industries d.o.o. have entered into a partnership with the founder of MAPA Recycling Technology, Mr. Jure Pavelić (an established expert with decades of design & engineering experience in the plastics recycling industry), and the company TP Strojevi d.o.o. will continue the complete know-how, R&D and production of equipment for plastic recycling in further business.

MAPA is a company brand that offers modern solutions on the market for one of the burning problems of the 21st century - plastic recycling.

MAPA specializes in technologically advanced system solutions for complete turnkey plants, but we can also offer you any individual machine from our product range and ensure compatibility with your existing recycling system.

Read more about the MAPA program on the website

We are looking forward to this new collaboration and the new challenges ahead!

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